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Dynamic weather

by iArtorias

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Dynamic weather

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while i was playing i was thinking about a dynamic weather change, where it gets into night, morning, rain, etc.


it would be really lovely to have these, instead of a static weather system.



whaddaya guys think?

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Re: Dynamic weather

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I agree with the night but not with morning and rain. In the morning, sunshine will be everywhere and players will see nothing. And if it rains, players will hear nothing again, and fps will drop.
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Re: Dynamic weather

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yes that will be great for the element of the game I hope in the future they bring that idea into play
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Re: Dynamic weather

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I'd like to see this as well.
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Re: Dynamic weather


That would be cool to have in game.


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Re: Dynamic weather

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We'll pass this along for you all. We're not aware of anything in the works for weather being implemented but any suggestions here are welcome. We know there are a lot of fans that love the weather changes in Battlefield V and Battlefield 1.


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Re: Dynamic weather

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With Lazar-shooting like guns, this would be the right game to have it transition to night!
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Re: Dynamic weather

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Oh yes please, im drooling already
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Re: Dynamic weather

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Count me in for that, though maybe having an option to switch it on or off (maybe you'll go into a weather queue or a static queue depending on your preferences).
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Seasonal Maps [Winter,Spring,Summer,Autumn]

★★★★★ Apprentice

I would love to see the Apex Map change with the Seasons. I think it would be fun to battle it out in snowfields and see snow capped mountains when you dive in from the drop ship. Spring could be covered in flowering fields and wildlife. It would just be nice to have some variety 

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