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Map Ideas That Should Really Be Considered!

by PA94303

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Re: Dynamic weather

★★ Novice

Personally, I want the types of rainy weather to be divided. For example, one is just like that with a drizzle and the other is a day of thunder and lightning. If you don't have luck, I think it'll be okay to die from lightning! The victim may not want to play this game, of course. LOL

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Re: Dynamic weather

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Dynamic weather would be great but also dynamics of night and day and some sort of seasons.
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Re: Dynamic weather

★★ Novice
i like it
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Dynamic Weather System

★★★★ Novice

I think a system where the weather changes could be really awesome for this game. This is a world not of our own so really crazy weather conditions or changes could occur that could make the environment very interesting. Maybe there could be really intense thunder storms for example with lots of lightening that reacts to players or their abilities. For example, if Wattson puts out her electric posts or devices during this weather, it could attract heavy lightening to that area which could make the area of the arena even more hazardous for all players. Ground lightening strikes deal damage. Pathfinder grappling could also be an issue in storms such as these. 

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Map Ideas That Should Really Be Considered!

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Fix the storm to its original ways for regular play to keep it fun and well everyone enjoyed the original damn storm idk who mentioned changing it BUT for ranked leagues it sounds like a good idea to leave it as is rn. I think that’s fair and a good idea since ranked is meant to be more competitive than regular so make the storm more of a factor. I also noticed that in regular play they don’t have a hot zone like ranked which I totally thought was a cool move by Respawn! How do you feel about 2 hot spots for first ring then just 1 hot spot in the following ring but only in ranked leagues.


Sometimes have the arena be a night time battle. I’ve seen many request this and be totally up for it so why not add a bit of diversity to the arena? Leave it as is, just every random game here and there have it be night time. It would create 2 different ways of playing. I think it’d be cool. You would have to adjust to the night, if it’s day, adjust to day. Itd be awesome. Idc about rain or snow or whatever but hey I’m not against it either. This could maybe create a spark for a legend in the future with a tactical of night vision perhaps? Idk. What do you guys think? Kinda could use Bloodhound ult. in that manner I guess as well.

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Re: Dynamic weather

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@iArtorias This is needed, The current map is kinda boring, dynamic weather is an easy way to keep players from burn out.
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Re: Dynamic weather

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@iArtorias I think it'd be cool to have rain, lightning and thunder at night, that would make players need to be more strategic, and aware/vigilant of their surroundings rather than going gunho every where.
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Re: Dynamic weather

[ Edited ]
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@hhnbbfggty66okay, it should be random.

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Re: Dynamic weather

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@hhnbbfggty66 Because people hiding the whole game isn't easy enough atm right? :S
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Re: Dynamic weather

★★★ Guide

Dynamic Weather could be implemented in unique ways too tbh, for example snow at christmas...maybe fog or thunderstorms at halloween.

If events were run for these periods it'd just give the game an extra festive feel which would be pretty cool in my opinion. Tongue out

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