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Re: Dislike Season 2 Map Changes

by javi060108

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Dislike Season 2 Map Changes

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I'm not a fan of the new changes to the map from season 2. Incase one doesn't know, Respawn moved the big monster into the map, Bridges is now gone. The issue i have is, respawn is making lore into this title, when reallly, we all just want a damn video game that is fun. Messing up an area just to add these things is a complete nightmare, What we're you all thinking?

Season 2 Apex is as follows in the eyes of a gamer.

- 1 new fat hero
- add energy mags
- new hero picture art (Caustic looks like *)
- way too much noise from everything (example, flyers, monter, burning buildings) I had the new hero on the team, and it started having a conversation about someone pinging a new mag. Heros talk way too much. I had to turn it to 0 on voice settings.
- shotgun ammo stacks at 16
- new energy smg from crate
- massive change to the (one and only map). if you didn't want a change, you might want to play something else. I don't know everything that is changed, but bridges is not the same at all. Repulser is mostly smoke from something burning.

Respawn you can add maps to the game, but when you title has only one damn map, You can't and shoduln't change it. You're adding content to make people camp, stop it now.

What i would like to change?

-Map change back to classic look, this is just a nightmare of a first content drop. what a shame..

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Re: Dislike Season 2 Map Changes

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@Popa2capsI like the new map. No complaints here.

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