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Dark map

by banefuze

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Dark map

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Alright I’ve been thinking about this for a while but didn’t know if it was good so let me know what you think or add to what I say. Picture this a night map(dark) maybe rainy. Yes a lot of people will be hiding. There are night vision goggles around the map that help you see. they are marked for everyone to see that way a lot of people will go to those spots and be a big fight or you could be the team that doesn’t drop for the goggles and wants to loot up then fight. If you don’t get the goggles it’s still possible to see but it’s just a little harder. Now bloodhound will be a good choice because of his ultimate ability and secondary ability. You can also find scopes that are night vision. So you have those scopes and the target finding ones. Some characters will be kind of useless and others will be a big part in the map. Maybe they add in lightning and thunder and if you are that unlucky it can strike you or other players not killing you instantly but hurting you a decent amount. What do you guys think? What would you add or take away?

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Re: Dark map

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Interesting idea, though it may be hard to balance enough to satisfy the competitive players out there. Rage-quitting videos would bring youtube and Twitch some added revenue, lol.
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Re: Dark map

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I was thinking something similar, but just a night time map.

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Re: Dark map

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Just some dynamic weather effects like rain, sandstorm, nighttime with a bright moon ect would be awesome imo, no need to make a mode out of it
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Re: Dark map

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YES!  So, i think the question a lot of people have is "how long will the latest battle pass retain interest?".  Then I asked myself if there was a way for APEX to implement a relatively small change to make a big impact and keep players interest longer and came to the conclusion you suggested (a daylight/environment progression).  Rain, storms, etc... may get expensive... but simple daylight to night time should be relatively cheap to develop.  @playapex, @respawn,not sure if you actually read these, but I think you would get a high return on investment if you simply added a daytime/night time aspect to the game.  Set 50% of matches to stay daylight as normal, set 25% to start at daylight and progress to night time by the end, and set 25% of matches to start at night time and progress to daytime by the end.  This way your fan base still gets the past norm for most of the time but also gets the change up to keep things interesting/random.  This would also open opportunities for character abilities/weapons/equipment down the road to for night time settings such as night vision, spot lights, etc... 

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