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Re: Change to bunker

by MandatoryIDtag

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Change to bunker

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It'd be nice to have bunker change in a certain way, Maybe heave the bunker go up the mountain it is built in, with a shaft that goes to the top with a rope. Maybe some floor levels with loot scattered, bunker doesn't really feel like a bunker as of right now.

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Re: Change to bunker

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Re: Change to bunker

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Re: Change to bunker

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This would be pretty cool, the loot distribution at bunker could use some tweaking along with the supply bins at either entrance. Far too many attachments etc spawn there and not enough weapons.

Kinda sucks when you have a caustic jumpmaster dropping you there and you end up having to participate in a gunfight with nothing but your fists and an incendiary grenade in an area that offers very little cover. XD

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Re: Change to bunker

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Considering its popularity, the fact it's in the middle of the map, that it's high loot and the amount of loot I agree there should be more to it.


Even if the current setup was just mirrored so once through the doors you went left or right that would be enough. Or if there was just a ramp from door to door (like the tunnel at artillery) because as it is you have the massive doors but filter to a small corridor. Why? 

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Re: Change to bunker

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@WHITEyy6969The lack of choice and cover with bunker is what makes it a very weighty risk v reward consideration though. It's in the very center of the map meaning that if we use only ring placement as a consideration - it is THE best place to drop on the map, every time. You're ALWAYS going to be close to the first ring.

The fact that you get good armor there fairly often and it's enough to kit a team enough that they can fight almost every time as well is a good reason to drop there.

There has to be serious risk to contesting it and I think the fact that you're fighting tooth and nail IMMEDIATELY after dropping is the right amount of risk for the potential benefit to your early game.  If there was more variety in the layout that you could wriggle around and have less of a risk of dying it wouldn't be risky enough.  The very center of the map has to be an all-or-nothing situation if 2 teams land ontop of each other there, especially now the ring has been made more of a factor.


If you made it have more than the single corridor and made the rooms less dead-end than they are : it would lessen the risk for landing there as it would be more possible to escape the other team if they hit the guns first.

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Re: Change to bunker

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@Anlbrd Sure, makes 100% what your saying but I don't think increasing the footprint would change much. If anything more people would land their rather than fewer no?
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Re: Change to bunker

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@WHITEyy6969 Just for me mate - I think it should be the most risky place of landing on the map because with the circle being how it is now, it's the most advantageous place to land in terms of positioning. 1 corridor is a good design for me to that end. I'd not be gutted if it changed because I've landed there about 3 times after my first week of playing. If it was less risky I'd land there more. I think it would be a change for the worse though.
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Re: Change to bunker

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I always loved landing at bunker since day one of Apex, just because of the name and because it only has 2 ways in and out and I for one love tight spots to trap my enemies inside.


However, I also feel it should be more than pretty much walking down a hallway with a few rooms on each side. 


I feel it should be kinda like an Ants farm or nest, whatever they call em. Ya know, like a maze with rooms here and there and multiple floors, like Cage. 

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Re: Change to bunker

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I feel as though not many players land at bunker now. Maybe 50% of the time I will bump into at least one other team. Where as, in the start of season 1, I would maybe bump into someone 90% of the time. I think giving bunker a facelift will encourage more teams to land here. More teams that land at bunker, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. 

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