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Re: Apex Legends - Feedback

by JoJo_DeBlahhh

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Apex Legends - Feedback

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Fix the good damn circle, you can't see * when you are near it going out.!

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Re: Apex Legends - Feedback

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@Bark3N wrote:

Fix the good damn circle, you can't see * when you are near it going out.!

I thought this was intentional?

So as to not favour those fighting right outside the zone.


I think you should be disadvantaged if you are fighting outside the zone, looking at someone in, especially on the edge.


If you had Zone Advantage & played your cards right, only to get owned by someone shooting at you from right outside the zone...that wouldn't seem fair, would it?


Just my own opinion..

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Re: Apex Legends - Feedback

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They need to fix how badly the damn circle hits for now. I thought it was fine before. I get it hitting harder in ranked but not in normal mode. That * is * and makes me wanna just drop playing apex. I dont like leaving a teammate behind and STILL dying because they upped how much it hurt. Lifelines bot shouldnt EXPLODE. And if they keep the circle like that they need to up the damn number of heals they have and make them faster to heal you in storm. Like I just wasted all my syringes but it didnt even heal me because I'm taking as much damage as its healing me for and ohh look I have to run 4000 miles. No * with it. I hate it with a burning passion rn. 

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