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Re: AirBase needs a Revamp in Loot because it's bad.

by Anlbrd

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AirBase needs a Revamp in Loot because it's bad.

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Most pro streamers said that Airbase is bad to drop at when you start the game. The major reason is due to the loot being too far. 


Here's a list of issues with Air Base:


  1. Loot is too far apart from each other. 
  2. If you land and get no weapon, you're screwed or dead. Nothing you can do about because as mentioned, the next loot location in this area is simply too far to get to. It's like what do you do?
  3. If you land and your teammate goes down, they are screwed and will most likely die. There's no way to get to them and the zipline is a death sentence. 

There's other reasons not to land here as well but the major one is the loot being too far apart. 


Most newbies land here because it on the edge of the map but if you a pro player or decent gamer or streamer. You have more sense not to land here for the many reasons. I only go here to be a good teammate despite knowing full well we will die. 


I rather land at Ranoff or the place west of the Bunker and make my way over here and kill whoever came out alive. It always works. You will not escape this place alive if another outsider team 3rd or 4th parties you just because they were not smart enough not to land at Airbase. But they will gladly take whatever you looted from your deathboxes. 




To fix this location. You guys need to do things like:


  1. Better loot locations like you did with Pit and Thunderdome. 
  2. Add another method to get towards your teammates on the other side of the place. Zipline is a death sentence. You take it, you're dying. 
  3. Add a Zipline Tower so people can have another way of escape from this place. Those balloons gives us ways to engage, escape, or relocate. 


That all I can think of at the moment. One of the last places I like to see changed on this current map. 

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Re: AirBase needs a Revamp in Loot because it's bad.

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@Leo_the_Lion25 Airbase is a bad drop because its become the new skulltown again. If you see loads of people going there (which there always are) - you know that some of you arent going to get weapons. Having areas support these mass brawls at the start with less risk of an unfair fight will just empty the map out faster and mean the midgame is more sluggish imho.

You could never put enough loot there or in cascades or in skulltown to satisfy players who want to drop there everygame and die 8 out lf 10 games for their chance at the 2 games where theyre the one with a peacekeeper vs 12 guys with no armor Standard smile
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