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Re: 10+ Maps???

by Fitt75

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10+ Maps???

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To really set this game apart from others, I feel like Respawn should be the first battle Royale that has 10+ maps like old school FPS games. It'll be cool because each game will have a chance to be unique. Modes are easier to think of, and skins are cool, but nothing is better than knowing there's a new map to explore. I like the map but I think this will make the game revolutionary. What do y'all think?

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Re: 10+ Maps???

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I also would like more maps, and i hope there will be more, but it's not very simple since BR maps are quite heavy e requires some special balancing, its far more complex than normal shooters, lets hope season 2 comes with a new map or two, because season 1 is almost here, and i don't think there will be any new maps for this game mode yet.

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Re: 10+ Maps???

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It already sets apart from other br games with this one map that is neatly designed for shooting and not just plain fields with houses out of place.
Personally i rather have few really well done maps than multiple * ones
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Re: 10+ Maps???

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Yes, more maps, more game modes. Solos, Duos maybe? Mini Titans that don't require a pilot, vehicles? There's tons of tanks and trucks parked all over the map, and it would be cool if there was a gamemode for that. Apex just needs more variety, because the player base has gotten bored, and many have already left. They need to try and get players back.

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