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Special MUT LiveStream 7PM EST (7/29)

by NatureBoy2323

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Special MUT LiveStream 7PM EST (7/29)

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We know we said August...but we want to talk EA Play Challenges, Team Affinity, Ultimate Champion & More! Tune-in tomorrow (7/29) for a special Madden Ultimate Team Livestream at 7PM ET.
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Re: Special MUT LiveStream 7PM EST (7/29)

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After listening to the live stream, it's my understanding that at half-time you can change out who on your team is activated with different superstar abilities.


It was mentioned that we should not worry because you can't add or remove new Super Star Abilities or X-factors, and can only activate and deactivate players in your current lineup. Well that's the same thing!


Strategically you're totally able to min/max that design so that you can just have different X-Factors and Super Star Abilities on different players. This is MUT, all your players are good, you just have to substitute them at half-time. And you guys know this, obviously this all about trying to make the 2nd string players packed with more training points which raises the cost of playing MUT and ultimately makes EA more money. I'm really disappointed that you guys have already heard the concerns but instead of balancing the game you just talked around it. You're totally capable of balancing this game AND making more money, those two things are not mutually exclusive. I'm fine with spending money, but don't ignore game balance issues by putting in functionality that rewards people that min/max every situation and ignore fundamental team building.


Here's exactly what I'm talking about. So in the first half you get the ball first and since you have a goofy offense you have a reasonable expectation that you'll score first before the other team has a chance to realize that you're going to call the same play 6 times in a row and hurry up quick hike everything to go up 7 nothing while the defense is unable to adjust their zone depth. At half-time you already plan on switching out your active players to put a completely different type of team on the field focused on QB scrambling.  Your back-up QB starts with different abilities. Now you do the same hurry up nonsense and go up 14-7. Meanwhile you now have a good understanding of the offense and switch out your defense to help take away whatever stupid stuff the guy on offense is doing. That's really not the way I'd like to play this game, playing a different team on offense and defense every half. I don't really see where that's in line with the game of football.


What I'd rather see is changes in team strategy, "stopping the run" or "jumping quick outs" or "pressuring the qb" whatever. That's an actually strategic change that happens every Sunday. But what you guys are talking about is arcade cheese and it's going to be exploited and create yet another meta that is bad for the game. Please stop it.


There's already a complete lack of scouting in MUT. Now were not even going to know what these guys are going to do from one half to the other. If this stays in the game it's going to be cheesiest year of Madden I've ever played. 1st half and 2nd half will be like you're playing a completely new game.

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Re: Special MUT LiveStream 7PM EST (7/29)

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Wish there was a way to get curated legends and other NAT cards that I actually wanted. Even if there were just a wider selection it would be nice.


But nope, stuck having the hoard dictate what's a good card every year. Deion and Moss, great. Wonderful. I'm so glad every other game I play will have those two guys on it.


Come on, man. Can we give people real choices? Do 90% of the NAT cards have to be stuff I could care less about?

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Re: Special MUT LiveStream 7PM EST (7/29)

@WereRobber Unfortunately, I have to agree. I fear you are right that the halftime adjustmemts might increase the risk of seeing a small set of the same glitch plays all the time.

Anyways, I hope this system is better developed/designed than I expect at the moment based from what I've heard so far....

Regarding NAT player items to be received from pre-ordering or purchasing better versions of the game, I'd strongly prefer if paying more money would translate into the opportunity to play more or diverse games, challenges, etc. or into opportunities to further develop and customize my lineup. I like the MUT mode because it offers the chance to steadily think about how to improve my lineup. If my lineup's OVR starts almost 85+ just because of all the goodies I get from buying a special edition/pre-order (or whatever), the fun of playing MUT is already limited before I even started playing the game.... in addition, facing the same items all the time in H2H duels is predictable (and does not sound attractive)...

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Re: Special MUT LiveStream 7PM EST (7/29)

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I'm also worried about my theme team not even being competitive during the first part of the year now.


Changing abilities at half-time is really going to be a disadvantage to some players, and as stated before it's not even really a good balance change. It's just about the money.

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