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Re: Auction Changes

by Mutcat1

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Re: Auction Changes

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The 10% auction house fee will still apply in Madden NFL 22.


The console and PC version will only allow you to post 1 of the same item at a time. 

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Re: Auction Changes

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How about the trade block? Will it be the same or can we do 2 for 1 trades finally?

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Re: (MUT) Madden NFL 22 - MUT Auction House Changes: Price Ranges

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Honestly this sounds horrible and takes fun out of game. I used to spend a lot of time on the auction house, it was like a hobby and you are going to ruin it. I believe many people did same, the game will lose a lot of core players with these changes.

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Re: Auction Changes

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Stay tuned for more MUT info set to release before launch.



Would you go into specifics on what changes to the auction house make you feel that way?

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Re: Auction Changes

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These changes are disappointing as someone who has played MUT for the last 3 years. I loved working the auction house and would even do giveaways on my streams which now I can't do. I probably spend over $3,000 on MUT every year if not more and I hate to say it but you just lost a very good customer for the time being. Ill be spending my money on NBA 2K 22 until this stuff gets removed. Based on the my discord chat I am not alone.


A bit of on changes the community asks for. Nobody asked for this.

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Auction House Max Price Minimum

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EA - please revisit your incomplete thinking on the price ranges for the auction house.  The point of the auction house is to allow players to offload cards they don't want and find cards they do.  However, your current algorithms aren't accomplishing what they intend.

Good:  Setting a maximum sales price for a card is a good idea.  I get this keeps players from transferring too many coins from alternate accounts or from friends, etc.


    1.  Setting the maximum price based on market data is overkill.  Doing it via hard settings would be simpler and easier to manage and create a lot more stability, period.  Creating an algorithm was unnecessary and actually adds some uncertainty to the game.

    2.  Setting a minimum maximum sales price is a TERRIBLE idea.  Please remove this portion immediately.  Because of the above points, some knuckleheads are still transferring silvers at 10,000 coins, which greatly increases the median price, which then means I can't try to sell my low silver for less than 2,000 coins.  No legitimate player is paying 2,000 coins for a low silver, ever.  So, my cards can't be auctioned and I can't turn my unwanted cards into the coins I need to buy the players I want.  I understand you want to limit sniping, but if you MUST create a minimum maximum sales price, it should be at 25-50% below median.  Median sales price can be affected by coin trading and artificially increased from time-to-time, due to spikes in demand, etc.  Allowing players who want coins immediately (because they only have a few hours to play - they want to make player adjustments immediately so they can actually PLAY during the time they have available), is entirely beneficial.  Please either remove the minimum maximum sales price, or adjust it. 

Thank you

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Re: Auction House Max Price Minimum

@GordoBagEm thank you for sharing your very constructive thoughts! I agree with your concerns although I have to admit that I would have argued for introducing such a scheme (but maybe would have focused on a hard-coded solution setting the price range relative to the quicksell value of the respective item). In the meanwhile I came up with a different idea (i.e. replacing the flat fee of 10% by a progressive auction fee). I would appreciate your feedback if you are willing to read my post here. thank you in advance!



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Re: (MUT) Madden NFL 22 - MUT Auction House Changes: Price Ranges

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@EA_Blueberry But despite adding controls to the market you ban people that find ways to make coins buying low and selling at market value, using only the tools and parameters you've supplied us with.

Not sure why I'm telling you, you're not important enough to actually FIX something. We just have to wait wait wait for you all to return stolen property to us!
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