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offer for 12k MC and 200 film for 49.99

by crafty0ne

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offer for 12k MC and 200 film for 49.99

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I received an offer for 12k MC AND 200 film for $49.99. Now it clearly said in the top left corner that I had 48 hours to claim but it vanished after 30 seconds.  It kinda of sucks cause  I was going to get it. that's $100 pack for $50. If someone could help me out maybe ea would resend me the offer. I have no screenshots or anything  because it showed up and was gone before I even thought about screenshoting

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Re: offer for 12k MC and 200 film for 49.99

Community Manager

@crafty0ne Hi, do you know how the pack was labelled, was it a "milestone pack" of any sort?

Unfortunately we don't have a way to repopulate these offers, but we do see issues with them from time to time so I'd like to gather info.

Can I check your region, platform and phone language, and UID? You'll find your UID on your settings page.

I can't guarantee it'll succeed, but you can try closing out your game, then start back up and check the store. Pending timed offers should be available there, but with previous versions of this issue they wouldn't always populate. 

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