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madden mobile crash

by gotpleb

Original Post

No respect (mobile crashing)

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EA Sports and EA help have no respect for the players of there games. They are all probably sitting back and thinking and not doing what they need to do to get players back to there accounts. It's been a month and still no progress, no status update and no indication if we are going to get anything for this. I had over 60 Easter eggs to open but guess what that event isn't available anymore. Missed out on who knows how many different events and 4 tournaments and who knows how many in the future. I have spent over 100 dollars on this game over the last 4 years. But do what you need and what you want.
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Re: No respect (mobile crashing)

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My league mates must be thinking wtf is stinking? Those are my 200 unopened easter eggs rotting!!! LOL

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Re: No respect (mobile crashing)

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It's madden mobile that is stinking
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Re: No respect (mobile crashing)

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Anybody at least tell me what was in the "eggs"? My account started crashing the day before Easter.
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Madden mobile keeps crashing right before the home screen I haven’t been able to play since Easter
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Re: Madden Mobile 18 Crashing

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I got a no money spent 99 and I’ve been out for about the same time, it stinks real bad and ea really couldn’t care less. I knew I shouldn’t have expected anything
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Re: Crashing

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The same thing happened yesterday.  The way to fix it on an iOS device is the delete it (yes delete the app). It say that it will delete all of your data but it doesn’t. I just did it and my accounts are all there and nothing bad happened to my team you don’t even have to go through Brady camp again!  It now works and everything! Now my account may say I’m a newbie but I give you my word! 100%  I promise you 🤝.

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Re: Crashing

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Bruh I’ve tried 92737287363 times and it does nothing
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Re: Crashing

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Apologies everyone, the relevant people are working hard to resolve this current crashing issue.


Hopefully I will post soon to ask you all to confirm if we have fixed the issue.


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Re: Crashing

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@EA_Barry, can you say something about the issue on specific people like us?  What caused it not to allow a lot of us back in the game even after repeated reinstalls?  Why is it so hard to fix?  Is it because you don't have much data to work with?  Because I'm pretty sure if you know what to fix, it can be fixed fast.  Not knowing what to fix really takes time.

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