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lost madden overdrive easter eggs

by cmoola98756

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lost madden overdrive easter eggs

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i lost 20+ diamond easter eggs and 1 crystal egg, when i was done opening my elite eggs the game crashed and was going through maintenance which wasn’t a big issue until i got onto the game and logged back into my account to find out that i lost all of my remaining easter eggs. i’ve already emailed EA help 2 times about the issue and included a picture and they told me to come here to talk to an “EA expert”. i came here with hopes of getting my eggs back, i don’t care if they are not the exact same eggs i just want the same amount that i started with but i don’t think it’s going to happen because of how they were talking in the email. someone for EA please help me resolve this issue. i’ve opened two cases about this issue already and both of them told me to come here. 

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