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Re: Why post here?

by Trycky1974

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Why post here?

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What is the point of EA telling people with issues to post here? 


What does posting here actually accomplish? 


Never has posting here ever solved my problems, because its a known issue, that teams are working on my problem. 


So, again why does EA tell me to post here?

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Re: Why post here?

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I’ve just contacted support and like usual they have told me to post in the forums. It’s an absolute joke, support do nothing other than signpost to the forums.
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Re: Why post here?

That's there way of passing you off. They will send you here if they can't solve your problem (which is always) and then if you do get an answer here it's to tell you to contact support. It's the customer service merry go round. It's just a sad part of life as an overdrive player.
If you have a glitch cost you players or money or resources... Chances are you are just out.
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Re: Why post here?

Community Manager

We gather the information and escalate as appropriate. 

Sometimes it can take a little while before a fix will go through, but we do read everything. 

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Re: Why post here?

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And still I don't have my NYE 95 Woodson, and countless others never received NYE and UF rewards. So posting here is pointless. 


Well not totally pointless, I get to find out who else has been screwed over by EA.

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Re: Why post here?

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Ya they say they read everything, but thats it...action? lol they still havent even they are working pn the shiny present 1 issue..but by god lets hurry up and get ny items exchanged for blitz tokens.

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