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When will it stop ea?

by Humdinger504

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When will it stop ea?

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I would love to hear the explanation behind how an all bronze team can successfully and often put a stop to not just my 99 ovr wc team, but any diamond team. I just dropped 4-5 straight wide open passes against an entirely bronze team. How is it that players with teams like this, literally, can always play on a competitive level against diamond teams and how can these bronze, gold and elite players keep up on every play? Why does my te with about 100-101 cat and cit drop passes at conveniently inconvenient times, like when I'm forced to lose or when I'm losing and I make great plays? Why do these players have these ratings if they're not going to ALWAYS translate to the field and not ALWAYS perform like it? We grind and pay hard earned, cold hard American cash for these players.

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