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What am i not understanding?

by Humdinger504

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What am i not understanding?

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I'm not understanding how this player has a better overall with way worse ratings. And on top of that, the player in my lineup has been trained.

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Re: What am i not understanding?

That is crazy. The thing is that there are a lot of other ratings that affect the total overall that aren't listed. They only the list the ratings that are actually pertinent to what the player needs on the field.
The other ratings are inconsequential to his position but still affect his over all.
At least thats what I think. Its silly.
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Re: What am i not understanding?

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It's because one is a coverage lb and one is probably a run stopper lb. If you flip the cards it will tell you which each player is. If it's a run stopper he will have lower coverage stats. If he is a coverage lb he will have lower power movers and stuff like that.

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