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We've been asking for an explanation this entire season literally

by Humdinger504

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We've been asking for an explanation this entire season literally

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Desmond King

Kareem Jackson

Chris Harris respectively.


These are the stats of some of the best defensive backs in Madden overdrive right now and as you can see, their cit (catch in traffic) is NOT what they play like on the field far as making catches go. Now if these 97 ovr players have these ratings for cit, you can imagine that players with lower ovr's aren't that great either. But even though they have these and worse ratings for this particular attribute, they continuously make more and better catches in traffic (and wide open forthat matter) than the offensive players who actually have great ratings for this attribute, cit (catch in traffic). But keep in mind that most players do NOT have these cornerbacks on their teams and have a a defense still in the 80's and low 90's. Well, I won't say most, but, a lot though. So how is it that these defensive backs have cit ratings like this, how is it that they constantly and continuously make these miraculous interceptions, behind the back catches and everything, meanwhile our offensive players whos positions thrive on these attributes drop so many wide open passes and NEVER fight for the ball?

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Re: We've been asking for an explanation this entire season literally

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This is all the same catch, just throughout the catch. This is the type of stuff that happens not often, but ALL of the time though. You ought to see the magic they pull off during overdrive matches. Most of the problem lies with their ratings and overall DO NOT match their gameplay. They play like the 120-125 players we had last season. And it's like the lower their overall, the better the play and the higher your overall, the worse you play.

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