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Re: Watching videos for $5 in credit

by Ryboss66168

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Watching videos for $5 in credit

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Why has it become so difficult to collect $5 for watching a video? I realize you can only collect on five videos every so often, like an hour, but now (Dec. 14, 2018), it seems I'm credited for only about one-third of the videos I watch. I have noticed some improvement after the upgrde, but the consistency isn't there yet.


Perhaps EA just wants everyone to pay more. Let me know ASAP because I can then trash the damn app.


Oh yeah, watching the video crashes the game about every time. 


Good game but make it better. Consistency with some of the features.

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Re: Watching videos for $5 in credit

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I also have a problem with the videos crashing the app and not paying out.

I will also add in 3 videos I have noticed never pay out. They are USAA with Joe Lombardi, Pepsi and the NFL hats with Dak Prescott.
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