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WR just stops!

by acehighcooper

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WR just stops!

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Here goes a new issue I have just had. So picture the scene, it’s 3rd and long, all run plays have so far been blocked countered. I decide to throw to my fastest WR (Johnson) 97OVR, who mid pass just stops, allowing the ball to float straight past him into my opponents hands.


i am on my last little piece of patience with this game. If there is no update by Christmas I am gone forever.

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Re: WR just stops!

That's not new. Lol
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Re: WR just stops!

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It’s just complete and utter garbage!

I’ve never played a madden season or game this bad.
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Re: WR just stops!

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That's because since '16 this game has gotten not progressively worse, but fell straight off of a vertical cliff worse.
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