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Very close to leaving, had enough!

by acehighcooper

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Very close to leaving, had enough!

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I think i’ve Just about come to the end of my tolerance for this game. Constant problems, too many to list again and again. I’m fed up with support not helping and just about being treated as a complete mug. The guys here on these forums are all complaining about something or another, if EA actually cared about their games they would care about their customers. Wouldn’t it be great if we could come here and discuss game tactics instead of complaining about gameplay?


Anyway if there is no change by Friday with regards to the festivous packs, the game is being deleted, i’ll Delete everything I can with EA and i’ll Be done. I can live without EA in my life, EA will continue and I hope the game gets fixed before the end of the season for all those that stay persistent. 

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Re: Very close to leaving, had enough!

I would love to be able to come on here and bounce ideas around about tactics and strategies. But you can't get two or three posts in before you're too angry to discuss anything. I actually think my bans were good for me because without constantly seeing how poorly we are all being treated I could pretend it wasn't happening.
I hope they get this thing figured out @acehighcooper I would hate to see you go. You're one of us and one of the good guys.
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