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Re: Up 800+ points and loss.....

by Humdinger504

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Up 800+ points and loss.....

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Can someone from ea tell how is it possible that I not only get a plus 5 overall boost to my entire team and be up by 800+ points only to windup losing if the game doesn't decide who wins? So are you going to tell me that when I was up I knew how to play, but then I wasn't so good all of a sudden to lose? I would really love to hear the logic behind this. I mean, all of a sudden my players are dropping everything and the defense is playing as if we practiced together and they were in the huddle as I called my plays. I was up 800+points and lost by 30. And this is not the first time this has happened. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

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Re: Up 800+ points and loss.....

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Hey @Humdinger504 


Are you saying you were up 800 points during the game but when the end of match results came up their score somehow jumped up 830+ points on you?


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Re: Up 800+ points and loss.....

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Na... Lol.. And you know that's not what I'm saying. How and why is it that the game just all of a sudden forces me to lose like that? I have a 98 ovr offense and I was playing against an 80 something team with like 800 power. My other 10 players/teammates are controlled by the computer. Plus I had a plus 5 overall boost. With 60s or less left on the clock all of a sudden my 97 ovr defense is getting shredded by a team like that? What are we spending our money for if (supposedly) better players and teams will NOT make a difference? And you can't tell me that's either normal or ok. The Giants winning the super bowl with a 9-7 record against the same team they kept from being undefeated that season was an anomaly. It happens, but not often. This happens all of the time though. I can see if y'all would start letting us play both sides of the ball then we couldn't put poor decision making on y'all, but as of now y'all control our defense and every player that does NOT have the ball. If I'm just looking at it all wrong, that's why I makes these post for clarification and understanding.
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