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Unknown Error during Overdrive

by celticpride617

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Unknown Error during Overdrive

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I lost nearly 10 games because Im getting this error messages. Im in my house connected to wifi and it works perfectly but the game kicks me out anytime it wants. I contacted customer experience and they gave me a madden pack. It contained a 71 gold and 2 silver players. EA is kidding me. Im in hall of fame decision and saw as high as top 250 but dropped to 3500. Maybe I was going to get 90 Ovr Wentz and EA made sure that I wont. 10 minhtes earlier I matched with someone named TouchDownKing and the '' Waiting for Opponent" sign made me wait like 3 4 minutes. Then this happened. When I got matched with someone who has 1000+ power it works perfectly. But when I matched with 650-750 power guys, it kicks me. I have 703 power btw. I want what I lost or Im out man. Im not going to commit legit time for an unfair game. Peace

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