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Re: Trucking never works....

by Humdinger504

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Trucking never works....

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This entire season I've never been able to truck anyone at all no matter what player I was trying to do it with even when everyone still had trash teams in the beginning. I've been playing this game since it came out so I've gotten the timing down pat. I have the ghost of Christmas present Alvin Kamara and ultimate freeze Walter Payton. And to add insult to injury, when I try to truck I fumble. I mean c'mon ea, with all of the money we spend individually, especially collectively, one would think y'all would at least try to respond to our legit problems with this game and correct them way more often. It's like we only hear from anyone at ea every month or so. Why even have a 90+ truck rating if they can never truck anyone. And I know I'm not the only one with this problem and for so long. It's been like this since the beginning of the season. Please acknowledge and fix this. 

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Re: Trucking never works....

Community Manager

@Humdinger504  I moved your recent post into an older one you already created. I also moved another older post around trucking into this one to see if we can get a discussion going around this.

I searched the boards for the last year and there were only a few posts around trucking. Do you notice the same results when you use different schemes or players?

Since we haven't received too many reports on it, leads me to believe it could be device related, user behavior on the way it's being swiped, or specific to a certain group of players that needs to be investigated. When a specific feature like that isn't working as intended, I'd expect we would receive a lot more feedback around it. 

Trucking is open for discussion!


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Re: Trucking never works....

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I was wondering where all of the old post popped up from lol.. But I've noticed with every player, no matter the scheme, I've tried to do it with. It's almost like with the QB not responding to me tapping a player's icon to throw to him and even when I do manage to get him (whatever player) to even just make the motion, it's rarely successful against much weaker (80's or less overall opponents) and I ALWAYS get tackled against better teams. This is not to say I'm expecting to truck all of the time but it's ridiculous how it's never successful. Even when the defenders tackle is like in the 70's or even 60's, I cannot truck to for anything in the world this season. Never was this bad in any other season. I've been playing this game since '14.
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Re: Trucking never works....

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I remember the treacherous event. I didn't even play it after hearing about the problems people were having and the staminaspent just in the first round.. Smh... I would not have been able to get mad about anything with it anyway.. I mean to be fair it wad called treacherous.
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