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The gameplay and ratings

by Humdinger504

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The gameplay and ratings

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★★★★ Guide

If the ratings matter and ACTUALLY WORK AND TRANSLATE TO THE FIELD, why don't the players play like it? If awareness matters, why do our players run right past defenders, even bumping into OFTEN, yet, still don't block them? Why when running down field our blockers are controlled by the d pad and not own their own? When we're trying to avoid the defenders, they NEVER block down field, our teammates ALWAYS get in the way because they go EXACTLY wherever we go tripping us up and ironically blocking us. Why aren't our players ever aware of other players, defenders or the ball? They're not even aware enough to just simply go around the defender who's covering them. If elusiveness and agility mean anything, why do our players get tripped up so EXTREMELY easily and stumble for no reason at all and fall over thin air all of the time? 


And how is it that y'all play this game but don't experience any of these problems or if y'all do, why don't y'all report them and fix them or at least acknowledge them so we'll know y'all are already on it? It's ALWAYS like whatever common (or any) problem we bring to y'all on any platform (forum etc), it's new to y'all. Why if y'all play this game and it's the same version? 


A lot of things that happens in this game are contradictory to the ratings NOT being adjusted and whatnot. What other reason(s) is there for a 78 ovr gold player with 83 speed to be able to consistently keep up with a 97+ ovr diamond player with 95+ speed?


And why are they always getting stuck in a pileup and can NEVER get out?

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