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Re: The Legends Series

by Humdinger504

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The Legends Series

In years past the Legends players have always been some of the best players in the game. Me and most guys looked forward to who the new legend player was for the week because he would always be some new stud of years past. 

But this year the Legends are terrible. Thier attributes are by far the lowest of any other player of similar overall. 

Take a look at the numbers on any legend and you'll see what I mean. They are terrible. And honestly if I were Steve Atwater or DeMarcus Ware etc. I would be insulted by my player card.

I just don't understand why one of the most dominate series of players in past MM versions has been so terribly and obviously nerfed this year  

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Re: The Legends Series

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And the final ovr ALWAYS have worst speed and awareness than the others. Smh. I'm telling you, the people at ea are just seeing how long and how much they can * is around before they have to take us seriously. There's no other explanation on how they can go from a great season in Madden mobile 16 to this. And it gets worse every year.
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