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The Customer Service Bots


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The Customer Service Bots

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Well I spoke to a human today at EA. They are about as helpful as the email bots who tell me to post here. 


I don't know why I can't get someone to tell me that "elevated issues" are where your complaints go to die.


A couple days ago I was offered an elite 1 and a couple of gold players while my elevated issues is being sorted out.


The individual didn't seem able to grasp the irony of sending me players I don't want, and not being able to send me the player I want.


I really feel bad for those that have been screwed over worse than me.


Looks like my purpose for posting here has come to an end. I am as disappointed then as I am now.


No answers. No solutions. But my issue has been elevated.

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Re: The Customer Service Bots

Same $#'t bigger pile. It is so commonplace for issues to go unresolved I don't even get mad anymore... Just terribly terribly sad
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