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Suspended from the auction house.


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Re: Suspended from the auction house.

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I’ve gotten banned form the auction house also.. for no reason I was playing the game selling buying cards racking up a team. And then came back on one day to be flagged and blocked from auction house
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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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Snipping isn’t cheating it’s buying players for lower prices and selling them for what they are selling for on the ah
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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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Wait, you’re calling people who browse the auction house, see a player for cheap and buy that player, cheaters? So you expect the average person who can’t afford to spend a thousand dollars gambling on packs to just say “oh I see that player worth 2 million listed for 1k but I won’t buy him because obviously that’s someone trying to give a player to a friend”? And then you expect the next person who sees that listing to do the same?


And you don’t question why, if that is cheating (it’s laughable you think that’s cheating), that EA does not simply add a feature for people to give players to friends? Instead the person giving the player has to risk putting it on the Auction House?


That is an ABSURD argument. It’s so absurd I recovered my EA account just to respond even though I don’t play Madden anymore (I’m considering buying a copy for PC but after seeing this, nope). You are also wrong on your reasoning for why EA is doing this. They don’t give a * about the people who play this game, yet you are acting like they are sticking up for the little guy who plays fair or is trying to loan a player to a friend. They are banning people who show suspicious Auction House activity related to buying and selling coins/players outside the terms of service. They are doing it because they want people spending thousands of dollars on packs instead of mere hundreds for the specific player they want. I’m also somewhat saddened no one else brought this up (humans are on average not very intellectual so it doesn’t surprise me that no one could articulate a proper response).


Again, if they cared about protecting people who want to loan players to friends they would simply add a feature to make this possible BUT WAIT, that would make it even harder to crack down on people who buy and sell coins so that’s why no such feature exists. I’m surprised you couldn’t come to this conclusion yourself but then again like I said, humans on average have low intellect.


The sad part is clearly Madden was insanely profitable before EA started “cracking down” but this multi billion dollar company with a monopoly on football games needs to squeeze every last dollar out of their playerbase. If their greed wasn’t so enormous perhaps it wouldn’t be necessary to buy and sell coins. They could even sell coins themselves but then no one would buy packs with such horrible odds. It’s funny you thought this was about anything other than maximizing profits, so funny a smarter man than I might accuse you of being an EA staff member.

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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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Also, and I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure there is no way to run a “sniping bot” on Xbox or PS4 so that argument falls flat outside of PC players.

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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

I don't know about this season but last season there were definitely snipe bots in the ah. I know this because I accepted a guy into my league who's first question was if it was ok to run his bot because his last league kicked him out for doing it. I immediately kicked his cheating * out, of course. But that's how I know they used to be possible.
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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

Community Manager

If you have been banned or suspended from a feature of the game, or the entire game itself please contact our Terms of Service team to dispute this. Make sure you provide very specific details as to why the action taken on the account may have been a mistake by our anti-cheat system.


The Madden Overdrive team is committed to keeping the in-game economy safe and in order to do this they do have specific countermeasures in place to spot potential abuse that's outside of normal player behavior. It's possible that whatever you were doing was identified as a potential issue and it will need to be hand-reviewed by our staff. We never want to make players feel like they've been punished or accused of something they never did, so we do offer our condolences up front if there was a mistake on our part. I can completely see how this can be an inconvenience for an individual. In some cases though, it's essential to shutting down a potential issue early before it turns into a larger problem that negatively impacts the entire community.

We want the game to always be a fair and fun experience for everyone. We appreciate all of your feedback on this and hope there is an understanding as to why something like this might happen.




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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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I have friend who has been suspended all season for sniping Legend collectibles LAST YEAR.  HE IS NOT A cheater in no way shape or form.  just flagged from what EA thought was an UN acceptable amount of sniping.  I even know this guy on a personal level.  He's an honest hard working family man who now has not been able to buy anything from THE AH for over 4 months.  LOL if EA decides your done for.  Is what's really funny is that they gave most of the main BIG NAME cheaters there accounts back because they still spent the most money.   

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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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Sorry man this is an untrue statement . EA does not even tell you why or what happened to the banning.  So basically you Ran a BOT. LOL that flagged certain behavior and didn't have any personally look into it.  Just banned them and forced them to prove there Ina-sense.  So a cheater knows what they were doing wrong and can make a case for it but some one who wasn't cheating how are they going to know what they were doing wrong. 

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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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This isnt about the mobile side  Im on PS4 but the ban contsct email is the same i believe  I'm hoping this thread is still looked at but I'm currently using that email trying to get someone to talk to me about my ban and I haven't received any response.  It's going on 13 days now. I initially had a 7 day ban 2 days into that it went to a permanent ban  I hate this. I love playing this game  I've made some mistakes but a permanent ban. The same day or the day after someone who runs a coin service got a 7 day ban  He is already off his ban  It just blows my mind how someone profiting off the game gets a lesser punishment than the person receiving. I only have my one account so this really sucks. The 7 days was more than enough to keep me from ever buying coins  I know there's a lot going on with the Christmas promo but when others are getting helped and your not it sucks  Hopefully someone will respond and I'll get another opportunity. 

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Re: Suspended from the auction house.

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I’m suspended now too. I haven’t done anything and I’ve put like $200 into this game. Super frustrating cause EA Support took 5 days to just tell me that I need to resend them the email. I can’t buy, bid, or sell anything. I have a bunch of collectibles that are going to expire in 3 days and they won’t respond or help me out. They also took 1.3 mil coins away from me.


Does anybody know how long a “suspension” from the auction house lasts?

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