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Suspended from the auction house.


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Suspended from the auction house.

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So I was wrongfully suspended earlier this week with a penalty flag warning. I'm still waiting for EA to reply and fix the issue. If they don't like they have to many others how long will I be locked out of the auction house? Completley ridiculous in the first place let alone right at the start of the feastmaster event. All this for playing fair and grinding to get all my coins and players. Thanks EA!! Another satisfied customer! Doubt they'll reimburse the money I've spent if they don't fix it.
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Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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I got banned from the auction house for going against their terms and services even though I just sniped for a few days to get my coin count. Did EA make a glitch and how can I get my auction back?
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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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I could be wrong, but it sounds like EA is finally cracking down and people cheating the system in AH.  I'm not implying that you cheated in a any way, but I for one am tired of how lopsided the game is for people that snipe and game the system.


I enjoy playing this game, but I play it the way it was intended to be played.  By grinding and actually enjoying the game.  Honestly, I almost quit playing last season because of all of the cheating that was going on with these coin grabs and sniping bots. All of these things ruin this game!  I am actually glad that EA is cracking down on it.


@BrandonE725 if you were sniping and are just guilty by association, then i'm sorry you're experiencing this man.  Everyone else that snipes and cheats on this game, deserves to be banned!  Just my opinon

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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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Sniping & Cheating are 2 totally different things @pgetz51

I too am glad that they are cracking down on cheats, bots, and whatever this muthead * is.

However buying & selling is half the fun of the game and why I’ve been playing for years.
I enjoy shuffling my squad around, and don’t see the problem with that IF done without cheating.

I am also blocked from the auction house, while my coins were returned along with an additional 6mil that I never earned.

I am quickly getting bored without access to the auction house.

I’m sure that ea is inundated with both legitimate & illegitimate claims, so I understand the lag in response time.

I only hope that they restore all game functions to those who have not conducted themselves nefariously.

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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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I largely agree with you @Nay1017.  Glad EA was able to restore you coins (and then some it sounds like).


Without an in game ability to trade players to other league members to improve your league to help out a fellow league member. Sniping allows for the ability to "steal" a player that wasn't theirs to take.  You yourself have to know that people don't just post million dollar players for 100 coins just for the fun on it.  They are most likely posting them for a friend, family member, or league member to better their own team and get them off the ground.  


The definition of auction sniping is the practice of a timed online auction where you place a bid that is likely to exceed the highest bid (which can be hidden) as late as possible, usually seconds before the end of the auction, giving bidders no time to outbid the sniper. If by sniping, you mean you are doing this and placing a bid at the last several seconds and winning the auction, then you are correct, this isn't cheating.  However, if you are refreshing your screen and waiting for a player to post something with a buy now of a ridiculously low amount, then i'm sorry this is a form of cheating.


Either way you're doing it, I don't blame you, nor am I upset by it.  I don't even judge you. I myself just don't agree with it and consider it a way to cheat the game to enable you to farm coins to better your own team which causes disparity within the game. I wish EA would get rid of the "buy now" feature and hide all auction bids (leaving a cap on the max amount that can be bid) and at the end of the auction, the highest bidder will win the player.  It's the fairest way to fix all of the AH problems.



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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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I hear you @pgetz51
We do agree for the most part, and especially regarding passing on expensive players to friends for dirt cheap prices.

The buy-now feature has been in place forever, and as long as it is then so will be the strategy of buying low & selling high as the market prices constantly change.

I know there are cheaters out there and I see them flooding ea staff with complains, clogging the pipeline of assistance towards legitimate issues.
I get it. It’s just frustrating being collateral damage.

EA- appreciate if you can please help fix the auction house accessibility
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Auction house Ban how long will it take to get unbanned and why did some Legit players get banned I don’t buy coins But I got auction house banned
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Re: AuctionHouse

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I’m not sure what’s going on , I’ve done nothing wrong either . Have not been able to access the auction house since Thursday .
If it’s not fixed soon I’ll just quit playing , and delete my league
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Re: AuctionHouse

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Doesn’t EA know that they are not gonna make any money because they are driving everyone away with their Auction House bans
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Re: Banned from auction house in Madden Mobile?

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When I do the auction house I will search for what player or level of card I'm looking for. Of course I search an amount as low as possible because I don't want to unnecessarily pay more for it then either buy now if I like the price or put a bid on it. I dont even understand or know how people do these bots etc to snipe cards. I just go through and buy them myself which I don't understand how that is breaching anything at all? That's how the ah was made to be used and now people are unfairly being punished for it. In the week before I was buying a lot of bronze and silver cards to complete all the 24/7 sets for the 90ovr Johnny Hekker. But even with buying/selling a lot of cards that shouldn't be punishable. There were no limits set in rules of how much you could buy and sell in the ah. This along with the 10 pro pack limit a day is going to ruin this game for those of us who like to play it. Perfect timing right before the madden feastmaster event. Should be fun trying to get to that 94ovr deion now.
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