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by ccurtis7716

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Hi I just want to ask if you guys could PLEASE Bring back seasons I want it by the end of the year and I don't want season battles because it's too time consuming and it ruins the point of seasons because seasons is a set schedule with 16 Games it's not fun when u pick who u play and u have to play 32 teams, Can u guys please just please bring it back, I'll do anything to have it back I don't want to be ignored  just please bring season mode with rewards i want traditional football. It's not fun to pick who u play it's not fun when u only gave away games it's not fun when u don't get to choose to kickoff first or receive first after the season battle timer expires BRING SEASONS BACK PLEASE I'll pay to bring it back if I could. Please I want people to hear us not just ignore Just please TAKE this into consideration 

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Re: Seasons

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Oh and another thing I wanted to add is, it's not fun that u can repeat games having a record is better and I loved seeing who I was going to play the next game and maybe losing a couple games they should bring both PLEASE THANKS
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