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Re: Qb not responding to tapping

by thegatorfan122

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Qb not responding to tapping

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I'm not sure if it's because of the recent update or if it just was never addressed in the first place and it's getting worse (which seems more plausible), but, I've always had issues with the QB not responding to me tapping a player's icon to throw the ball. Today though, on the other hand, it's been relentless during overdrive. And I mean relentless. Half of the match I'm tapping the screen trying to throw the ball. This has been an issue all season. 


And not only the QB does NOT respond to any tap, taps or tapping, of any sort, to throw the ball even more now, the times you do manage to get him to throw his release is significantly slower. It's obviously slowed down and slower. The crazy part about that though, is it's always been like that, but it's ridiculously out of hand now and only getting worse.

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Re: Qb not responding to tapping

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I am going through the same thing. Been really bad today.
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Re: Qb not responding to tapping

I'm having intermittent problems with that. But I have had more problems with the insta passes
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