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Re: QB no throws!!

by thegatorfan122

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QB no throws!!

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Can we get a fix on the “QB no throw”? It’s extremely frustrating when you have a wide open receiver and the QB stands there (no matter how many times you push the throw button) and you get sacked!! I have a video showing but can’t attach- convenient 

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Re: QB no throws!!

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This has been an issue since the beginning and is only getting worse. If EA actually cared about it's customers they would focus more on issues of this nature than ways to generate revenue. I've come to the point where I don't even bother with their customer service, if there is such a thing there. 


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Re: QB no throws!!

I just posted about this exact issue... That and the qb instapass. They had these issues pretty much fixed but when they rolled out the fumble fix these issues reappeared.
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