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Re: Player lock

by Humdinger504

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Player lock

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I've never been exactly sure what locking a player does and why we have the ability to do it because even when I so call "lock" a player, he still winds up on the other side of the field randomly and he still gets swap out forthe captain. So what exactly is the point of being able to lock a player? Since we have it, we should be able to lock in a player to a specific side of the field we want them on and locking a player should keep him safe from being swapped out for the captains. 

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Re: Player lock

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Locking a player just means that the player you lock will remain where he is when you use update team or best lineup.
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Re: Player lock

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I've heard that before too. It just doesn't make any sense to me though. I don't even use update team because I'd rather arrange my team around the way I play and how I use my players myself. But then again, as bad as this season has been, we have waaaay bigger fish to fry than that. It'll be nice if they take that into consideration though.
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