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Player doesn't finish running route

by Humdinger504

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Player doesn't finish running route

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When you think it can't and or won't get worse, you gotta remember you're playing Madden overdrive by ea. For about the last week or so on any passing play, but I've noticed it more with play action, the receivers will stop running in the middle of the route even when I throw them the ball. So far, play action boot slide, throwing to b, has been most consistent. I mean honestly, do you guys at ea even play this game at all? I mean c'mon man, y'all can be on top of some of this stuff to at least give us a heads up or be on it to fix it. With the post in this and other forums, there's no way these issues are isolated and random. When are we going to be able to just simply play and enjoy the game without problem after problem?

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