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Perfect Score 8 man League vs. League

by TrickCassidy

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Perfect Score 8 man League vs. League

★★★★ Novice

SHOW ME THE MATH!!! 8 members in the opposing league all get 24pts and 1, SAFETY 


You can't throw it in League  activities, so God knows the Run game is easy. We have a winning record, decent OVR, I know it means absolutely nothing, The game film is almost identical to # of plays per. Drive. For every member,  I have my favorite plays, HB Off tackle, HB ______ ( your play here ), HOW does 7 members get 24 points, 1 member 26. With a Safety no less. IT'S EASIER TO THROW A INTERCEPTION THAN IT IS TO THROW TO MY OWN WIDE RECIEVER. I always forget to only run Twice and throw once for 2pt-conversion, the "catch" so to speak from having tie games, I'm assuming. I am active administrative member, I Login and Crash multiple times a day just for League events. 


I did not play my 3 Drives with 2+ hours remaining  FOR FEAR THAT this might b some type of Malware, Virus, or BOT hunting "Broke * Game" or  algorithm, as you've call it. 


I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for the safety, Logically speakin if we were a "rule exempt Bot" League standard  operating procedure would be to RUN every play, knowing what I know about INTERCEPTIONS in ALL LEAGUE EVENTS. 


I hope after the real super bowl you'll have the time finally to fix a few things in your thrown together, rushed, BEST CASH COW, and worst version to date. It's a lot easier to update a roster than to make a FULL game in the 3 months it took you EA CASINO co. I am looking forward to the new pictures that aren't any different than the pictures on our lineups now.  



I typed all this on my phone, that's how bad your pissing people off



D. Karesh  


P.s. Just say no more OVR, now it's Team Power at least you'd be honest this season

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