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Passing problems

by thegatorfan122

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Passing problems

I know you guys are probably tired of all these posts griping about gameplay  But as much as you hate hearing it we hate experiencing it WAY more. 


It seems that since the update the passing problems have come back. I'm talking about the quarterback not throwing the ball when you tap your receiver and the quarterback instantly throwing the ball directly upon receiving the snap. 

I call that the instapass. And when it happens it's always passed to the closest reciever to the qb on the left side of the field  And it's happening a lot. Once every drive or two it happens. Same with the qb holding the ball. 


I feel like in order to fix fumbling you guys rolled back past the updates that had already corrected these problems. 


@EA_David @EA_Barry @EA_Blueberry


Please take note 

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