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Packs disappearing

by Humdinger504

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Packs disappearing

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Every time I get a milestone offer in the store it says 48 hours but once I leave the store it vanishes. Yesterday the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter packs were back and I was trying to buy all of them again but once I left the store and came back they were gone. This happens every single time I want to buy something from the store. When I don't care for an item it sits there for years, but when I want it and go to buy it, it disappears. I passed on making quite a few post of the consistent issues I've had this week but it's like when it's ea going to get it together? I understand a couple issues, but ea has an issues with every facet of the game. I couldn't even finish most events that were not 24 hours long because of network timeouts. What and how long is it going to take for y'all to get it right?

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