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Overdrive freezing/crashing in Overdrive & Blitz Games

by saliententr0py

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

I have my account linked to both Facebook and my Google account.
I wonder if I unlink it from my Google account.. Play a little bit, then relink it if that my solve a corrupt save issue.
Does that sound logical? @EA_David @EA_Blueberry?
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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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It did, I tried both already I tried even just linking it to my device only.


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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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I know.. It sucks.. Because I spent about $250 this month alone because of the spotlights...that doesn't  include the casual spending throughout the season for the promo bundles.during holidays. For the past four years I've maintained a top 50 ranking for the season.. This year top 25. 


It's not fair.


The problem.affects the app start up, and specifically anything.related to overdrive. 


Once in the game, my file isn't corrupted to the point where I can't do events and.league stuff... But anything overdrive...? Forget about it... 



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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

I don't have the problem with the start up. And I'm not disconnecting from overdrive matches and losing.
I just simply freeze completely when the last point is scored in a overdrive match. I have just resigned myself to having to FC and restart everytime I play Overdrive. Which makes me not want to play Overdrive very much, which sucks because I'm one of the few guys left who actually like to play Overdrive.. Lol
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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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That's how it started for me.


It just got progressively worse this past week. 


Pretty Damn annoying if you ask me..



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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

I don't know if I can deal with it getting worse. After this major fail they called Easter I have lost a lot of my normal zeal for the game.
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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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well i dont get it though... ?



why hasnt anyone from EA addressed this issue or even acknowledged it?


No one from their corporation has even given the slightest response here..


it's a known problem.. people talk about it.




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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

Community Manager

Hi, @saliententr0py 


Do you see any improvement in performance if you lower the graphics in-game by going to Settings>Preferences and turn it down to low and gradually increase the graphics after a 30 minutes or an hour of play to see if it crashes at a certain setting?


Are all the devices you tested this on under the same network? If you haven't rebooted your local network (unplug the modem/router) and/or connected to a different WiFi channel that can help improve connectivity to the servers for game modes like Overdrive.


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Re: Overdrive is unplayable

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@EA_Blueberry wow.. An actual reply..


And yes  every game mode operates as it should.  The graphics settings remains on the lowest since last August when it was recommended (even though my note 8 handles every other app like a champ).


Yes, I've had no Wi-Fi issues, also used wireless 4g/LTE as connections.. 






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