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Overdrive and Google Play

by ajcuda

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Overdrive and Google Play

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I need to transfer my son's progress in Overdrive from one Kindle Fire 10 to another. When he began playing on the current Fire, Google Play was not installed. I have now installed it. But when I try to link his account, the Overdrive settings will not allow it. The only Link Account option is "device," and it's grayed out. A previous user (@facemask74) had this problem and an answer was posted as below--but this answer doesn't provide a solution. I need to link the current progress to a newly installed Google Play account.


How can I change the age setting after-the-fact? And is there any other way to transfer his account? No other options appear on the Link Accounts page. Below is the previous post that raised this issue:

Please help? Soon?

Thank you






Hi there,

Thanks for getting back in contact.
Upon start up of the "new user" it will ask for your age with the slider. If the age entered falls under the minimum age requirements you will only be able to play on that account as a guest.
If your son was playing with a google account on the previous Madden Mobile title, all you will need to do is log out of this guest account and choose existing user.
The "locked" option will only appear on underage accounts.

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Re: Overdrive and Google Play

I don't think there is a way to change a user's age after the fact.
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