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Re: Overdrive Madden Cash?!?!

by SleepingDragon

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Overdrive Madden Cash?!?!

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I am having issues with Madden Cash. It doesn’t give me the option to earn it at all anymore, which is frustrating when I need to earn more tokens for Blitz tournament. I emailed help and they told me it was something to do with third party vendors losing connection, but I have restarted, logged out, deleted and reinstalled and it doesn’t even give me the option to try and earn cash. My son is sitting next to me and his game is letting him. I haven’t even used the option much, so I know I haven’t earned too much. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem?

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Re: Overdrive Madden Cash?!?!

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The last five times I’ve watched videos I haven’t received any madden cash. No point in trying anymore.
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Re: Overdrive Madden Cash?!?!

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So there's no more ads for your Madden Overdrive game too right?  That's what I'm experiencing as well.  But my other account using the iPad still gets them.  Their game seems to be broken ever since they implemented this new blitz tournament.

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