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Oops, something unexpected happened

by thegatorfan122

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Oops, something unexpected happened

These crashes in the middle of lvl and overdrive are becoming more than just annoying.

I know you guys are probably pretty tired of hearing me complain  but really guys it's happening a lot and it's hurting everyone. 

We are losing fans in overdrive and losing drives in lvl. It would be different for lvl if we were able to resume the drive, but it just takes the drive from us.

I know it's a known issue  but do you guys have any information on if this is being worked on? And if so if they are close to a solution?


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Re: Oops, something unexpected happened

★ Guide

This happened twice for me yesterday but during events so I was able to resume, still very annoying though.

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Re: Oops, something unexpected happened

I wish you could resume lvl drives. It wouldn't be as upsetting. You can recover lost fans by playing. But when your lvl drive is gone, it's gone.
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