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Re: New Years Event Stole My Card

by rpluumy

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New Years Event Stole My Card

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On 01/04/2019 between 9am and 11 am CT I traded my 93 ovr Madden Feast Derwin James for a New Years token. Then I went to the New Years event screen to trade the token and 7 bunches of balloons for a 95 ovr Derwin James. Even though I had completed the required tasks the 95 James remained locked. Customer service told me this was being fixed so I waited. Then on 01/09 I got 20,000 Training points for the New Years token instead of my card back. This is unacceptable because of the time and money I spent to obtain that card. It’s worth far more than 20,000 TP. I should have gotten the 95 James since I had the balloons but I’d be happy just getting my 93 James back. After exhausting my customer service options I was only offered a madden pack and a suggestion that I post about it here. So now I’ve done that. Pathetic company. 
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Re: New Years Event Stole My Card

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I know right. They act like the costs actual money. Like they have to nm pay the player to give you the card. If they can give you TP, they should be able to give you the player.

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Re: New Years Event Stole My Card

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I have complained repeatedly about this problem, and at one point I was offered an elite 1, and a couple of gold players.

I was told they have teams working on the problem, and that a solution is near.

I figure your loss, is your loss, and EA don't care.
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Re: New Years Event Stole My Card

The problem lies with the fact that EA help does not have the tools, ability or knowledge of the game to help us and there is no way that I have ever found to escalate a problem.
All they are is a team of subcontractors that have been hired to field complaints and buffer the customer from the company.
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Re: New Years Event Stole My Card

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Take a look at this discussion.


Dont expect much cooperation from EA

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