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New Update Is Horrible

by dlmorgan1

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New Update Is Horrible

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Really, You cant run the same play more than once ? How is that fair ?

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Re: New Update Is Horrible

You can run it twice. But its ok, there are lots of other plays.
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Re: New Update Is Horrible

Community Manager



We are rolling out limits to the number of times you can call the same play to combat spamming in Overdrive and LvL. We designed this in a way that we can easily tune the limits if needed. Initially it will be:


  • Silver Division- 4

  • Gold/Elite/HoF - 3

  • League vs. League - 2

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Re: New Update Is Horrible

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Well here's the deal. In the NFL you can run the same play as many times as you want correct ? Only 2 times on LVL is very minimal. Sometimes it takes a while to get down the field and to be honest other plays are useless. Its very difficult to pass the ball so your stuck with mostly run plays. So, as you can imagine your options run out fast. I been playing this for 4 years now. All others in my league including muself do not like this update. Just some input.

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Re: New Update Is Horrible

All 27 members of my league like this update. It comes down to how you play the game. Teams that depend on only 1 or 2 plays are not going to like this update. Those who learn how to utilize their entire playbook are going to like it quite a bit because we hate getting blown up by spamming plays. It's boring, unimaginative football and it's actually against my leagues rules.
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Re: New Update Is Horrible

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That is absolutely true. In real life you can run the same play as many times as you want, but, it will not work after maybe two attempts of the same play consecutively. ESPECIALLY in the NFL. It's rare anyone, on any level, runs the exact same play(s), especially the way people were doing it in overdrive, and it's extremely rare to have the success they were having. Dare I say impossible even. The defense would learn the play(s), adjust accordingly and counter it/them every single time. I personally don't like and didn't want to be limited, but, I definitely didn't like how people can use the exact same play back to back to back to back, over and over and over again, time after time and have the crazy amount of success they were having doing it though. I would've preferred and much rather have had the defense to simply get smarter, recognize and counter repetitive play calling instead of this. But, then again, we all know how last season we would get hit with 5, 7, 10 percent counters 4 times in a row even if it was all of the same play type, e.g. running, short pass etc. It's not going to hurt anyone to learn how to use other plays. I mean, why not? You have to unlock a lot of them through milestones and achievements anyway. So we might as well not let them go to waste.

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Re: New Update Is Horrible

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One problem is that only certain plays can move you down the field and achieve your captain bonus.  Especially on the specific ones like the throw to the TE.  Many plays are short and won’t score enough points to keep up with high scoring teams.

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Re: New Update Is Horrible

I use the Ertz capt. And throwing to my TEs is my bonus. What I do is move my captain to the slot position instead of the TE position giving me 2 TEs on the field for overdrive. So I will always have 2 options to throw to to achieve my bonus.
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Re: New Update Is Horrible

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I have Tom Brady 6x te receptions.  I use 2 te’s but there are too few plays that get the te receptions and get enough yards to not fall behind in points against other teams that really rack up the yards.  So the play cap really hurts with this captn but I’m committed now I can’t have multiple teams captns and coaches.

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Re: New Update Is Horrible

That is one issue I do have. Once you commit to scheme and build your team to suit that scheme, its impossible to try another scheme because you lose all your bonuses. I love the spread, dont get me wrong, but if I wanted to switch schemes for whatever reason it would hurt my team. 10 of my 11 offensive players are spread players.
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