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Network Timeout issue

by Mikarlo

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Re: Network Timeout issue

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I have been having multiple connection issues myself. for last week or so it has gotten so bad i get maybe an hr to play if even that. it started out great working towards the hall of fame players was working hard towards ive been at stand still bc i cant log on enough to upgrade him at all or do anything else in the game. Would be nice to have a fix and some xompensation since im pretty much screwed at anything ive done last week. been putting money and everything towards it but pointless.

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Re: Network Timeout issue

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Here we are a week later and I can't stay on more than 15 minutes at a time. Fix the network or shut the game down till EA can fix all these issues if that's what you have to do. I'm so sick of it I'm going to play another game till someone let's me know it's fixed. Already notified my League how this game is nothing more th and a pile of issues that is being ignored.

Please do something it's been this way for over a week and just getting worse. I am on WiFi, I notified my  network  provider back when it started, and they said it's not on there end or mine so it's been EAs issue the whole time and I guess it's being ignored like all the other issues.

Have fun with it guys, I will check back when someone let's me know these issues have been taken care of. They put a time limit of events but how can you stay connected long enough to finish the even when they don't have a network that can handle it.

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Re: Network Timeout issue

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Well, first I'd like to say that whatever the update was a week ago Sunday/Monday...even though I was unable to even load the app that Monday, all my previous troubles were gone. I have played this whole past week, including yesterday, with no issues.


But as of this morning, I cannot log in. Doesn't even acknowledge me as an existing user. And tells me there is no Facebook account linked to me. This better correct itself soon, or I am just going to be done with this game. I am tired of investing time, money, and everything else into a game that I'm not even sure is going to work every time I open it up.

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Re: Network Timeout issue

I've been having similar issues. But when that happens I back out of the game, open up my Facebook app, close my Facebook app, then go back to the game and it logs in fine.
It's a bit of a pain, but it does work.
Hope it helps bro.
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