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Network Timeout issue

by Mikarlo

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Re: Network Timeout issue

Community Manager

@thegatorfan122 You've probably done so already, but if not can you try power cycling your phone and router? Clearing cached data by taking this step can help, even if only one game is affected. 

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Re: Network Timeout issue

I clear my cache before I log in every time. But Ill try to power cycle my router more often. Thanks David.

Any word from upstairs about fixing the connection issues everyone is having?
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Re: Network Timeout issue

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Community Manager

@thegatorfan122 I haven't heard anything too specific, just that we're aware of app stability issues and are working on it. 

To give specifics on my end we did see a big issue last night (evening in the US) but it should be recovered now.

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Re: Network Timeout issue

HAHA...I bet you're tired of hearing "we're working on it" from the boys upstairs....LOL

Thanks bud
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Re: Network Timeout issue

Now I know that its the madden app that is interrupting my wifi service. I have tried everything I can think of. Ive connected via WPS, Ive connected by registering a pin with my router, and ive tried connecting via a different wifi network and almost as soon as I log into madden I get kicked off of WIFI and can only play via mobile data which in of itself causes lag and connection issues. And as soon as I close the game I reconnect to my wifi. Please report this problem upstairs.
I use a ZTE BladeX Max
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Re: Network Timeout issue

@EA_David Update. I have been playing for about 4 hours straight and did not get a single network time out and my WIFI connection did not disconnect.
I don't know what ya'll did but its working great on my end. At least today it is.

Thank you so much. It was been nice to grind without getting disconnected all the time.
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Re: Network Timeout issue

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This has been an ongoing issue for me but in the Overdrive mode only. I’ll get a snap off or two and then the circle of death appears and the game cuts to that same screen you mentioned. I went from rank 1200 - 9898 because I keep getting kicked. *.

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Re: Network Timeout issue

I have come to really hate that screen. If I never see it again it'll be too soon. I haven't yet today, I hope that means that steps have been taken to improve connection.
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Re: Network Timeout issue

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Been over a week for me now and still having the same issues. Sucks because I can't hardly finish any of the Legends, TotW, or Daily events due to thier format...still can only play and actually finish the full, half, quarter game format events. Really stinks.

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Re: Network Timeout issue

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Keep getting kicked off your damn network during Overdrive mode. Every time it happens I just so happen to be winning. Get your * together EA.

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