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Network Timeout issue

by Mikarlo

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Network Timeout issue

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So, I have been playing for over a month now, but all of the sudden today I couldn't complete any event or game and would get the "Network Timeout" popup. I finally called EA support...and the guy was completely unhelpful. Basically, according to him, the issue is my fault, not thiers. After the unhelpful phone call, I uninstalled and reinstalled the the events and games won't even load.


Anyine else experiencing this??? Very frustrating.

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Re: Network Timeout issue

Personality I have experienced a network time a few times per day but never had a constant problem with it. Maybe there are more people on today because of the launch of the new HOF promo. EAs servers always have problems when there's a lot of traffic.
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Re: Network Timeout issue

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I have this problem all day every day. Literally.

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Re: Network Timeout issue

Ok... Its really bad today. I've been booted off the game 5 times in the past hour.
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Re: Network Timeout issue

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i went from never having an issue for a month+, to now not being able to play hardly at all. I am incredibly frustrated with the game and EA support. 

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Re: Network Timeout issue

Community Manager

Thank you for the posts. I'm seeing a bit of a spike in such reports over the weekend, please let us know of any changes in connection stability. 

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Re: Network Timeout issue

Its Monday morning and Ive already been disconnected 4 times this morning within about and hour and a half. None during Overdrive though, thank
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Re: Network Timeout issue

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My issues have not got any better since posting. I am now booted off all the time whereas in the past, that never happened. It can now take me several re-logins to try to complete one event...and sometimes the game will just not let me complete certain events. I have noticed that the events that are the timed, simulated quarters/halfs can be completed easier than the events that are "do A in X amount of tries". Although I do still get a "Network connection error" message after nearly every play in a timed, simulated game, I am not booted off the game...where with the other type of events, I get the"Network Timeout" message and I am instantly booted.


Nothing changed on my end with my service provider as the EA tech I spoke with on the phone kept suggesting. The one big thing that changed the same day my issues started was the HoF events being added. 

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Re: Network Timeout issue

Dont bother with EA support. They are useless. At least the guys on here actually play the game and know what they are talking about.
I have the most issue when I play a ring or jacket event in HOF more than a couple of times in a row. I try to do 10 in a row straight through instead of backing out each time. Once I've done it 2 or 3 times it will time me out and I have to re log on. The rings or Jackets I earned are still in my unclaimed items, but its a nagging hassle. And this promo is mind numbingly dull enough without having to deal with that too.
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Re: Network Timeout issue

This keeps happening during half game events, season battle and lvl and league championship games. Now I can continue to play, but it keeps kicking me off of my wifi.


I thought it might be my router or maybe even my wifi adapter on my phone, and it still might be but it doesnt happen any other time. Only when playing Madden so i'm wondering if its an issue with the game since so many other people are having connection issues.

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