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NINE Pressures in Overdrive?

by daddyzdog

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NINE Pressures in Overdrive?

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Does anyone know how an opposing team can drop NINE pressures on me?  I always thought the max was six. How does an opponent drop NINE on me?  They were all runs, and no, the other coach wasn’t Nagy. 


Also, is there any place to go to see what type of play my pressures make my opponent have to play?

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Re: NINE Pressures in Overdrive?

I've never seen 9 pressures before. Who was the coach?
And the only place that I know where you can see all the tactics is in Nathan's Madde Encyclopedia on but you have to buy a 15 dollar subscription in order to view it. It has tons of good information in it and I think it's well worth the 15 bucks. Plus you get a lot of other Madden tools you can use like the team analyzer.
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Re: NINE Pressures in Overdrive?

By the way, that is not a plug. I'm in no way associated with root tools. I'm just a satisfied subscriber... Lol
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Re: NINE Pressures in Overdrive?

★★ Apprentice
I honestly don’t know who the coach was. I always notice if it’s a smash mouth coach and I am fairly certain it wasn’t. It’s not the first time it’s happened. I posted on a match where I had 12 pressures a few months ago.

I can’t bring myself to pay $15 for this kind of info. Priorities at my house make my gaming pretty frugal!
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