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Re: My response to EA on UF and NYE

by rpluumy

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My response to EA on UF and NYE

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Well after yesterday's update on EAHelp I finally realized that you have zero intention of fixing the problem I have faced, and countless others.


In the update we learned that you are creating an exchange process for all the collected items for UF and NYE. Once you have exchanged the collection items, there is no need to give players the players they earned.


And lets face it. When EA is taking the hit, problems are solved lickety-split. When players like me take the hit, there us no urgency. There is plenty of placating on your part, and no action.


So I get it, that 95 Woodson I earned isn't going to happen. I can look forward to you compensating me by exchanging all my balloons for who knows what.

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Re: My response to EA on UF and NYE

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Yeah, it’s never going to happen, I mean how difficult is it to give a pack to a player, support give out madden packs all the time just to shut us up. I’ve had enough, barely played the game since being screwed over so my love of this game is fast fading.
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Re: My response to EA on UF and NYE

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And for all my efforts, my 95 Woodson has been exchanged, see photos. And there goes any future involvement with special events. 

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Re: My response to EA on UF and NYE

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And here is my letter designed to placate me, and informing me that I should post here.


PSENT:Jan 8, 2019 5:27:08 PM

Thank you for contacting EA Help, I am Rhythm will be assisting you with the case.

I have just consulted with specialist team regarding your issue, Please first of all, accept my apology for the inconvenience caused. I would like to inform you that we are receiving the similar contacts and many of the customers are facing the same issue.

Good thing is that, this has been brought into the notice of the Studio Team and they are diligently working to fix it as soon as possible.I would request you to wait for some time till this gets though I know nobody likes to wait but rest assured the team is actively working on it and the issue is been addressed on priority.

If their is anything else I can assist you with please feel free to ask.

Have a nice day,Happy gaming.

Thank you very much for playing our games may you enjoy and have fun.

Have a great day ahead and take care.

You can also find answers to common questions on EA Help at, or ask our community experts by visiting Answer HQ at

Thanks again for contacting EA help.

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Re: My response to EA on UF and NYE

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Standard cut and paste garbage!
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Re: My response to EA on UF and NYE

Devil sad

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Re: My response to EA on UF and NYE

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Thats farther than ive gotten with the shiny present 1 issue, ive been rold to come here and support here tells me support there in an endless cycle, at least they are letting you know the studio team has it.

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Re: My response to EA on UF and NYE

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Bruh I legit genuinely feel bad for you man. Smh. But I'm not surprised though because I've been in the exact same situation where I had more than enough proof and was still denied what I had earned and was due. And on more than one occasion. Smh. It's the people and culture at that company that makes it bad.
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Re: My response to EA on UF and NYE

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As you can see in this post:


They are blaming the players....

We exchanged the wrong card, we did something wrong.... so too bad for you... that's the stand EA has taken in this matter.


<sarcasm> So shame on you for playing the game wrong and complaining about it </sarcasm>

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