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Multiple issues, missing packs, glitches, missing items in packs, missing renown

by trenton1289

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Multiple issues, missing packs, glitches, missing items in packs, missing renown

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During a game the jersey section of the player is invisible, i also havent been able to purchase any badge blitz packs via blitz tokens. (It says i have reached my limit and i havent bought any). I can not do the 25k raffle ticket game and have mot been able too. Only the 10k grab bag and the 2k coin event for the hall of fame promotion. I also bought an enshrinement pack with madden cash yesterday and it did not contain a bust which it says it guarantees 1. Thank you. Im sure you are hearimg from alot of people about issues. Every one in my facebook chat is having some kind of issue. Thank. Any resolution would be much appreciated.

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Re: Multiple issues, missing packs, glitches, missing items in packs, missing re

Community Manager

@trenton1289Hi, thank you for the detailed post.

Can I check what device you're playing on? We see invisible jerseys on some phones, and I'm curious if that started recently for you. 

As for the blitz packs, are you referring to the Zone Blitz and Badge Blitz packs?

For the 25k event, have you unlocked VIP access?

Can you send me your UID in a DM? (you'll find it on your settings page)

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Not Getting Hall of Fame Badges Anymore

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I was told to go to the official forums about my problem. And I was guided here. This is for any moderator out there that sees this. 


I will post my email to EA Help here as it covers the problem that I encountered while playing Madden Overdrive. 




“Hello Utkarsh,

Proceed with investigation: yes

UID: I already provided it. But, here it is again. 62147784

Type of request: failed to grant reward

Date and time of incident: Nov 25th (the end of the last Overdrive season). I do not know the exact hour the season ended.

Screenshot showing me reaching the Hall of Fame: I finished ranked around 4,000. And 75 film reels is the reward for the 1,001 to 5,000 Hall of Fame tier. This same thing has happened to me now for the third time. However, the previous two times I had no screenshots so nobody at EA gave me my reward even though they were able to see that I did reach the Hall of Fame and did not receive my reward. Perplexing to say the least and unhelpful. I do not understand it. If they see that I got to the the Hall of Fame and did not receive my reward, why not just give the reward instead of making it difficult for the customer and frustrating them?”
I currently only have a Hall of Fame x2 badge. But, I have reached the HoF, I think, 5x now. 
Below is the latest email I received from EA Help.


Thank you for contacting EA Help. My name is Utkarsh and I am here to help you.

I hope you are doing well. I would like to inform you that the issue caused might be due to a bug. I really appreciate your feedback towards the game. I will make sure to forward the same to our concern department, who'll further look in to it.

It is sad that we at customer experience, can only help with issues in the game itself, we cannot make changes or correct game bugs. You can however report this at the official forums, so that the moderators and Game experts can take a note of it and investigate this further.

Further, please post your query on the official forums at:

Moreover, we've created EA’s new Answer HQ. It’s a community initiative to have players share their gaming experience with other players. Please refer:

Believe me, the moderator team is however collecting data from the community and are examining solutions if they determine enough customers have the problem and the problem is technically addressable with a patch, or if a work around is possible. 


We at EA customer service make every attempt to resolve each issue, but sometimes a resolution is simply not possible due to problems beyond our control. For your inconvenience, please accept my personal apology that this problem has negatively affected you.

For the inconvenience, I would like to offer you madden pack as a one time exception. If you agree with this, then please contact us back.

I look forward to your reply.


Should you have any further questions regarding this or any other issues, please do not hesitate to let us know.

You can also find answers to common questions on our Help Center at "" or ask our community experts by visiting Answer HQ at “".

Thank you again for contacting EA Help, and have a great day ahead.


Utkarsh B.
EA Help“


So in sum, my issue is still unresolved. And I have had the same issue three times now with no resolution to any of them even though I contacted EA Help. 


This experience and the attempt to try and resolve it have been frustrating and time consuming. And the offer of one Madden Pack, which is of nominal value, doesn’t really do anything since I have a 93 overall team. I would like to get the badges and not have to run into this problem again. 


Thank you for the help! 

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