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Multiple charges yet purchase never received.

by IrateSavant

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Multiple charges yet purchase never received.

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My son attempted to purchase the "Madden NFL Overdrive Holiday Pack" and I had to approve the purchase. When the item was not received, we made multiple attempts to purchase. I have been charged for these multiple purchases (it was my understanding the pack could only be purchased one time per customer) but he still has not received the pack.


I chatted with an EA representative who said I needed to contact Apple. Apple said I needed to contact EA. So here I am.


I would like a refund for the four charges ($19.99 x 4).


I can provide documentation, including my son's account info and the proof of the charges, if someone from EA will contact me.


If I don't get these charges refunded I will be filing a Better Business Bureau complaint against both EA and Apple.


I appreciate any help you can provide.


Thank you.

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Re: Multiple charges yet purchase never received.

Community Manager

@IrateSavant Sorry, in this case we can't see things on the Apple purchase system, and you will need to reach out to them to get your money refunded. 

If you DM me your son's account and UID I can take a look and see if there's any anomalies, but for refunds you will need to talk to Apple. 

Hopefully this was just a temporary glitch though, in such cases the system will often self-correct and return your money automatically. 

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