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Missing trophies

by thegatorfan122

Original Post

Missing trophies

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I had 35 trophies deducted from my total. I sent a ticket to help but if one of you moderators would try to look into it too I would appreciate it. My case number is 45222012 and this is the message I sent  


I completed all 7 tiers of the new blitz tournament. After everything was complete I had earned 275 tournament trophies.
I decided to go play the solo challenge III for a second time to see if I could earn more trophies by playing again.
It's not repeatable so I did not earn more trophies which is fine, however when I came back to the masters screen I only had 240 trophies. So somehow 35 trophies were deducted from my total.
Can I please have my trophies back?
I didn't take a screenshot of my trophy total because I had no reason to believe they would be deducted.
My team name is PapaGator
My league is 5thDown
My UID is 14981100
Thank you

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Re: Missing trophies

Community Manager

Thank you for the post, looking through the logs I can't see any deduction of trophies, there's 175 from the tier packs and then 65 from various other rewards. 


Do you remember what you picked from the Milestone packs? It looks like 25 of your trophies are from the Blitz events, but the rest are selected from the reward packs.

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Re: Missing trophies

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I also am missing trophies. I reached milestone 7 last week and did all of the challenges and was saving them for this week (over 200 trophies and 1 crown) when I saw everything reset for this week. I completed milestone 7 again but only have 140 trophies and 1 crown. How the hell can you ever get the Master’s when EA keeps resetting the trophy count????  WTH EA??

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